Friday Outreach

Our Friday Night Outreach is designed for grade-schoolers, with a separate meeting for teens at the Ministry House. We have 3 meetings that occur simultaneously in separate community centers around the inner city, each with about 60-80 kids weekly, and 5-20 volunteers. Each meeting is led by a staff member or two, and each (ideally) has volunteers assigned for that week. Church groups often get involved in these meetings by bringing the meal (want some menu ideas?), doing a skit, giving a testimony, or just playing along with all the kids. This is a great way to be exposed to Freedom Fire and develop relationships with a few kids. Each week we play games, give a short devotional, share a meal and have a raffle.

If you’d like to volunteer at a Friday Night Outreach, or simply learn more information, contact our Friday Night coordinator, Manda Cacy, email volunteer@freedomfire.org or call 913-940-5860.

Be sure to check out our Friday Night Safety Guidelines & Video before volunteering.

Camp Ministry

Each summer we take kids to several camps, including day camps and overnight camps. Our primary location is Camp Shalom. Each week, we take 10-20 kids, focusing on the children who have been involved in our programming throughout the school year, while hiring our best teenagers to help oversee the activities. This is a wonderful chance for our kids to experience the riches of creation, and is a highlight of the year for many, ranging from young grade schoolers to older teens. More information on Camp Ministry.