Friday Outreach

Our Friday Night Outreach is designed for grade-schoolers, with a separate meeting for teens at the Ministry House. We have 4 meetings that occur simultaneously in 4 community centers around the inner city, each with about 60-80 kids weekly, and 5-20 volunteers. Each meeting is led by a staff member or two, and each (ideally) has volunteers assigned for that week. Church groups often get involved in these meetings by bringing the meal (want some menu ideas?), doing a skit, giving a testimony, or just playing along with all the kids. This is a great way to get exposed to Freedom Fire and get to know a few kids. Each week we play games, have a short devotional, share a meal and have a raffle.

If you’d like to volunteer on a Friday Night Outreach or just get more information, contact our Friday Night coordinator, Josh Timian, email  and cell is 802-299-5491.

Be sure to check out our Friday Night Safety Guidelines before volunteering.

Camp Ministry

Each summer we take kids to several camps, including day camps and overnight camps. Our primary location is Camp Shalom. Each week, we take 10-20 kids, focusing on the kids who have been involved through the school year, and hiring our best teenagers to help oversee the activities. This is a wonderful chance for our kids to experience the riches of creation, and is a highlight of the year for many kids, from young grade schoolers to older teens. More information on Camp Ministry.