Freedom Fire Urban Ministries has three main focuses: Outreach, 1-on-1 Friendships and Education.  Each is a key piece to serving our community and we believe it takes a large group of people working together to make an impact. The staff of Freedom Fire has been able to persevere through the difficult times because they are motivated by a love for God, a compassion for others, and a divine call to ministry in the urban core of Kansas City.

These three ingredients help produce the energy and focus for this ministry.  To us, ministry is the life of what we do.   It’s found in a weekly tutoring session, a pick up game of basketball and most profoundly in a declaration of a faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  We take a three-prong approach to ministry and find they all overlap and work in harmony.  We are unique in our desire to build a bridge uniting the suburban and urban church, finding each is richer for the other.  Read more about Outreach, Discipleship and Education to find a way to get involved that would be best for you!