Lead to Read

What is Lead to Read?

This is a program; developed to learn how effective a consistent, intensive reading/
mentoring program may be to increase reading abilities in students in the early grades (1st –
4th). Lead to Read does not bring its own curriculum into the school/class. Instead, we
partner with each classroom teacher and support their on-going work with the students.
Students need practice, encouragement and reading time if they are to succeed! Readers
are volunteers and not reading teachers. Readers (that can be YOU!) are matched 1 on 1
with a student to maximize consistency and continuity. We provide encouragement and
offer the opportunity to practice what they are learning in the classroom.  More info here!

Reading Means…

  • Committing to weekly participation for the 2013-2014 school year!  (*Email for days and times for the current school year)
  • Committing to follow the procedures required by the school.
  • Reading with students for 30 minutes each week.
  • Communicating any planned absence to staff; trained substitutes available.
  • Arriving 5-10 minutes before the reading session

Come Read with us!

Whittier Elementary School


Derrick Thomas Academy

Wendell Phillips Elementary


Our first grade class just took the NWEA, a computerized reading & math assessment. It tracks
the growth of each student during the year. Our class average for reading in the fall was a 151,
which is a pre-kindergarten score. I’m happy to tell you that our class average is now 162, which
is on 1st grade level! Please know that you ARE making a difference for these students. They
have grown in confidence and are stronger, happier readers because of you.

By: Ms. Wylie, 1st grade teacher at DTA


For more information about volunteering…

Hayley Rees

Lynn & Jean Rundle, Founders/Co-Coordinators
Call/Text: 785.532.9879


This program is successful because of its many partners:

  • Freedom Works Dev. Corp. (501c3)
  • Youth Friends (501c3)
  • KC Urban Young Life (501c3)
  • Freedom Fire Urban Ministries( 501c3)
  • City Wide Maintenance
  • Mount Olive Baptist Church
  • Many Local Community Members