Friday Nights – Volunteer Guidelines

  1. Always stay with the group. During the outreach, never leave the premises without checking with Freedom Fire Staff first. We do no want anyone walking through the neighborhood by themselves. Whatever you are doing, always try to work in pairs.
  2. Please make sure your conduct is appropriate. You are representing Jesus Christ and Freedom Fire.
  3. Take initiative to befriend the children. Try to stay with the same kids through the evening — the play time, devotional, and meal.
  4. Please dress modestly.
  5. Please do not make any promises to the children that you may not be able to keep.
  6. Ladies, please try to keep the majority of your interaction with the girls, and men, please try to keep the majority of your interaction with the boys.
  7. Please sign the clipboard for the Freedom Fire volunteer newsletter.
  8. Please arrive at 6:15 p.m. and be prepared to stay until 8:00, or as long as you can. Showing up early helps us in making assignments and preparing for the meeting. We can also use help cleaning up afterwards.

NOTE: Volunteers are invited to come over to the Freedom Fire office after the outreach. The office is located at 2111 E. 13th Street — between Garfield and Brooklyn. We will have snacks and a brief tour, if you are interested.

These guidelines are also available in PDF format.