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    Prosecutor of Mercy

    He fell asleep while driving. He crossed all the oncoming lanes of traffic, smashed into a short landscaping wall, up a short hill, through a tall fence, and came to a stop just short (maybe 2 inches) from a house. The car ended up on its side between […]

  • Marriage Advance

    This past weekend six young married couples Freedom Covenant Church went to Camp Shalom for a retreat. But so many good things happened that calling it a retreat wouldn’t be right. The kingdom of God advanced! Look it’s rare and unusual for couples in the city to choose […]

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    Married in the ‘Hood

    For the past year we have been meeting with a group of young marrieds here at Freedom Fire/Freedom Covenant Church. Marriage is disappearing all over, and especially in the ‘hood. But these couples are choosing marriage under God and raising their kids that way. Man has it been […]

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    Future Golfers Look out!

    For the past two months 6 of our Freedom Fire kids have been participating in the 1st Tee program, a national program sponsored by the PGA. Each week the kids, along with their mentors, receive golf lessons and practice their game.  It has been a load of fun […]

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    13 years and counting….

    13 years ago Sarah made the mistake as a college student of stepping foot into a Friday Night Outreach, and letting God touch her heart for one of the forgotten kids of the City.  De’Quan was one of those kids. He found a home in her heart and […]

  • Giving is Getting

    Camille and Rachel have been tutoring Rikita and Rhayne once a week for the past 2 years. It’s unusual for high schoolers to commit to tutoring for one full year of school, much less for two years.  But these are unusual girls.  Then again, how could they not […]

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    Wednesday Homegirls

    When a volunteer offers to lead a Bible Club, we get pretty excited. After breathing a prayer of thanks, we right away get to work on selecting the kids to invite. Drawing from the kids we know from our regular Friday Night Outreach, we try to match members […]

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    Thursdays with Manda

    Amanda is hanging around Freedom Fire about 7 days a week.  She’s addicted, ruined, completely pouring her life into the precious young ladies of 12th street.  On Thursdays, she brings 4 young lovelies to her house for schoolwork, then fun and games. Cookies, baking, sewing, board games, making […]

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    Just Getting Started

    For the last year and a half, Michael Loney has been spending time with a group of guys at the Garrison Community Center, one of our Friday Night Outreach locations.  We played ball and had a weekly Bible study with a group of 15-20 young men. Gradually he […]

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    Ben There

    Over the past 15 years, Benjamin Brown was one boy who has been around for almost every activity. From Bible Clubs (starting as a first grader), to summer camp, tutoring, Teen Church, Youthfront, FCA weekends, basketball teams, and camp counselor, he has been everywhere.  We have so enjoyed […]