• The Soldiers of God, 2018

    A very special group of teenage boys at Freedom Fire, self-named the Soldiers of God, have had some VERY COOL experiences this past year. Each month this crew takes an excursion, attempting new things, seeing new places, making new memories. Some of these trips can be intimidating or […]

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    A Key Breakthrough

    Hey it’s only a key. Yes, just a key. It’s what that key means that makes it such a big deal. We’ve waited so long for it. It’s the key to a local community center. It used to be busy with kids every day after school: a computer […]

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    Rain or Shine, Worship Wagon Rolls in Church to the Homeless

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Songs of praise fill the air under a bridge near downtown Kansas City in an effort to reach the city’s most unreached people. “Worship Wagon” serves the city’s poor and homeless. Those who attend the church on wheels participate in a weekly, non-denominational service each […]

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    New Experiences in the wings

    This past Thanksgiving break my wife and I took a few of our Freedom Fire “sons” on an excursion to Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge. Now, my wife and I had been there a few times, always trying to catch the right weekend when tens of thousands of snow […]

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    The McEldowneys

    Ryan and Allison McEldowney come to Freedom Fire each week to tutor a couple of brothers, Aaron and Tyson Davis. They started about a year ago, and timing couldn’t have been better. Both boys were new recipients of a scholarship to attend a Christian school through Freedom Fire. […]

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    Freedom Fire Camp prompts a Thank you note…

    One grateful Freedom Fire mother, living in federal housing, wrote the following after her children attended a Freedom Fire camp: “Thank you guys, from all the mothers of the children, for all that you do.  Thank you for keeping our children safe.  Thank you for keeping our children smiling.  Thank you […]

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    The Ripple Effect…

    In the craziness of life, we need to remember the good things that have taken place.  It’s so easy to forget and become preoccupied with life’s daily struggles.  Below you will find a wonderful Freedom Fire story of how God changes lives. Andre grew up in one of […]

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    Freedom Fire 20 Years & Lots of Testimonies

    Over the last two decades, we have had the awesome privilege of serving and helping thousands of youth.  Many had dramatic changes in life styles, while others started off well and then wondered off the path.  Due to our longevity and continuity of ministry, we have seen many […]

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    Cindy and her Homegirls

    Cindy Hixson first met her girls at one of our Friday Night Outreaches. And as sometimes happen, she began to care so much for a few of them she asked if she could spend time with them during the week. Of course you can! That’s what we’re hoping […]

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    “I Don’t Want to Die a Nothing”

    This year Freedom Fire is celebrating 20 years of ministry.  During this time we hope to send out some testimonies and wonderful stories of what God has done and is doing!  I hope you enjoy the following story: “I Don’t Want to Die a Nothing”  There was a […]