About Freedom Fire

Freedom Fire is a Christian missions organization dedicated to the advancement of God’s Kingdom and love in the inner city of Kansas City. Our mission is to know God and make Him known as we partner with others to strengthen the inner city by raising up leadership to guide the community spiritually, economically and socially.

Freedom Fire works primarily with youth and families from the federal housing developments just east of downtown Kansas City. Guided by missiological and sociological data, we originally made eight- to ten-year-old children our primary target. We now have expanded to include teenagers because the youth we started working with in 1997 are now teenagers. We also work with the parents and young adults of the community; however, eighty percent of our time and resources are directed to the youth. The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true when working in the city. Our goal is that the ministry will grow up with them, and they will become the leaders of Freedom Fire.

The entire ministry is founded on prayer and nurtured by relationships. Through prayer, we recognize and acknowledge our dependency upon God to see lasting change take place. First and foremost, we place an emphasis on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Secondly, relationships with the children and people of the community are cultivated. The relational connection serves as the bedrock on which other significant aspects of the ministry are built. The staff and core volunteers of Freedom Fire believe we win a right to be heard by cultivating these genuine relationships. The success of the ministry is derived from these foundational principles. 

The staff of Freedom Fire has been able to persevere through the difficult times because they are motivated by a love for God, a compassion for others, and a divine call to ministry in the urban core of Kansas City. These three ingredients help produce the energy and focus for this ministry.

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