Hot! 13 years and counting….

13 years ago Sarah made the mistake as a college student of stepping foot into a Friday Night Outreach, and letting God touch her heart for one of the forgotten kids of the City.  De’Quan was one of those kids. He found a home in her heart and never left…

De'Quan at 7 years old

De’Quan was the first Freedom Fire kid that I (Sarah) have distinct memories of, beginning back in 2003.  He wove his way into my heart in ways simply authentically himself.  After my husband and I were married in 2010, he was a regular in our home in weekends and over summer breaks.  In a way that can only be written as God’s divine appointment, in 2014 he became a permanent part of our family.   At 16 he is an incredible young man, full of potential and joy. 

He is compassionate, creative, talented artist, determined, honor roll student, full of love and a treasured member of our family.  God is astounding in the masterful way He weaves our stories, I look at life and realize there is no way other than this – together as a family, seeking the heart of God. 

Thank you Sarah and Jon, for letting the Father display his love to one those dearest to Him.

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