Welcome to Freedom Fire

Freedom Fire desires to see God transform lives; specifically the lives of those living in the urban core. We are dedicated to equipping the young people of the inner city to guide their community spiritually, economically, and socially. We have lots of opportunities that are designed to facilitate sharing the gospel, building relationships, working together for reconciliation, and as a distinguishing element we strive to build bridges between the suburban and urban communities. Click around and learn more!

“The Gospel has made a dramatic impact in the life of the community around Freedom Fire.”

-Jimmy Dodd (Founder/President of Pastor Serve)

“Freedom Fire folks have become part of my family.”

-Sandy Paden (Long-time resident of public housing)

“I don’t know of anyone that does a better job of bridging the gap between the suburban and urban community by making good use of volunteers.”

-Phil Trusdale (Retired missionary and Colonial Presbyterian Pastor)

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